Setting Straight the Most Common Timeshare Exit Myths

Timeshare ownership and exit are two of the most largely misunderstood concepts. From upfront fees to the perceived value of timeshares as investments, debunking these myths is crucial for those seeking a smooth exit.


Speaking of smooth exits, have you tried our timeshare cancellation services? You should if you want an uneventful exit that will hardly cause a ripple in your credit report.


Here are some timeshare exit myths and the truth behind them.


Myth 1: Upfront Fees Are a Red Flag

There’s a prevailing belief that timeshare cancellation service companies charging upfront fees are dubious.


However, the reality is that reputable companies, like Exit Protect, understand the intricacies of the process and charge upfront fees as a standard practice. This upfront fee ensures transparency and guards against potential hidden charges, providing a reliable and efficient exit process.


Myth 2: Passing Timeshares to Children Is Selfless

It’s common for timeshare owners to believe passing the burden to their children is selfless. However, imposing a timeshare on the next generation may not align with their preferences or financial goals.


The responsible approach is communicating with children about the potential liabilities, allowing them to make informed decisions rather than burdening them with unforeseen costs.


Myth 3: Timeshares Are Still a Good Deal

A Bunch of Timeshares with Haphazard Roofs


The belief that timeshares are a good deal often overlooks the practicality of alternative options. Utilizing third-party booking websites like Priceline or Expedia offers flexibility and avoids the rigid calendars imposed by resorts.


In truth, most timeshare owners find it challenging to use their properties as desired, making third-party options more appealing and cost-effective.


Myth 4: Timeshares Are Marketable Investments

Contrary to sales pitches, timeshares lack value on the secondary market. Oversupply far exceeds demand, making resale difficult. Attempts to rent timeshares often result in disappointment due to lower prices and increased availability on popular travel websites.


Companies promising to sell or rent timeshares for a hefty upfront fee often lead to scams, leaving owners with empty pockets and unfulfilled promises.


Get Rid of Timeshares the Easy Way

Setting the record straight on timeshare exit myths is crucial for informed decision-making. Whether understanding the rationale behind upfront fees or dispelling the notion of timeshares as lucrative investments, separating fact from fiction empowers owners to navigate the exit process with confidence and clarity.


Exit Protect is deserving of its name because it can help you exit timeshares successfully while protecting your credit .


Rise above these timeshare exit myths and let us be your reliable partners in this mission to transfer  or end timeshare contract legally.


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