Exiting a Points-Based Timeshare: More Freedom, More Challenges?

Imagine this: you excitedly purchased a points-based timeshare, lured by the promise of luxurious vacations at exotic destinations. But a few years in, the allure has faded. Maintenance fees feel like a financial burden, and booking that perfect getaway with your ever-changing schedule seems impossible.

According to a survey, about 10 million American households own timeshares. Many, like you, eventually find themselves yearning to break free. If you’re stuck in a points-based timeshare and wondering, “Can I get rid of my timeshare?” you’re not alone.

This blog dives into the specific strategies for exiting a points-based timeshare, exploring selling your points, using timeshare exchanges, and navigating the often-complex world of timeshare contracts.

Shedding Your Timeshare Skin: Exploring Exit Options

Exiting a points-based timeshare requires a strategic approach. Here are some key options to consider:

  • Selling Your Points:Some developers or third-party marketplaces allow selling your points directly. Research the market value of your points and potential resale fees before diving in. Be wary of unrealistic offers and prioritize reputable buyers. Remember, selling points on the secondary market can be a slow process, and there’s no guarantee you’ll recoup your initial investment.
  • Timeshare Exchanges:Many points-based timeshares belong to exchange networks like RCI or Interval International. These networks allow you to deposit your points and use them to book vacations at resorts outside your developer’s portfolio. While exchanges offer flexibility, they can come with additional fees and limited availability, especially during peak seasons.

Contract Surrender/Termination: This involves negotiating with your developer to nullify your contract. Success depends on your specific contract terms and the developer’s policies. Consulting a lawyer experienced in timeshare contract termination can be crucial in navigating legalese and maximizing your chances of a successful exit.

Important Note: Be wary of unsolicited calls or emails promising a quick and easy timeshare exit. These often come from companies employing high-pressure tactics and hefty upfront fees with no guarantee of results. Do your research and prioritize reputable resources when seeking help exiting your timeshare.


Understanding Your Contract: The Key to Freedom

Before embarking on your exit journey, thoroughly understand your points-based timeshare contract. Look for details like:

  • Right-to-Rescind Period:Some contracts offer a short window (usually 7-10 days) to cancel your purchase.
  • Early Termination Clauses:These may outline specific conditions under which you can terminate your contract.
  • Maintenance Fees:Exiting doesn’t necessarily absolve you of past or future maintenance fees. Ensure you understand your obligations before proceeding.
  • Exit Fees:Some developers impose hefty exit fees, making the process financially unappealing.
  • Having a clear understanding of your contract empowers you to approach potential buyers, exchange networks, or even legal counsel with a well-informed strategy.

Exiting Your Timeshare: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Even after successfully exiting your points-based timeshare, remember these crucial steps: 

  • Get it in Writing:Formalize your exit agreement with the developer or buyer in writing.
  • Clear Your Credit:Ensure all outstanding maintenance fees or other charges are settled to avoid credit score issues.
  • Seek Professional Help:Consider consulting a lawyer specializing in timeshare contracts, especially if your situation is complex.

Exiting a points-based timeshare can be a liberating experience, but it requires knowledge and a strategic approach. By exploring your exit options, understanding your contract, and taking the necessary steps to finalize your exit, you can break free from the constraints of your timeshare and reclaim your financial and vacationing freedom.

Considering Exiting Your Timeshare? Don’t Go It Alone

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